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Pregnancy Spells

Pregnancy Spells is a truly magical time for a woman and her partner. Conceiving a child is a sacred bond and the ultimate act of commitment. While some couples find it easy to get pregnant, for others the process can be extremely disheartening and overwhelming.

When you are trying to bring a child into the world, it is important to incorporate traditional medicine with spiritual techniques. Always consult with your physician to discuss the ways you can best prepare your body for pregnancy and to rule out any medical issues that may hinder your ability to get pregnant. Once you have sought the advice of your doctor, you can proceed with some spiritual methods to help enhance your probability of conceiving.

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Preparing to do a Fertility spell

One of the oldest and most powerful fertility enhancement techniques is a ritual bath. Ritual bathing involves using special herbs to impart essences that are conducive to achieving your desired goal – in this case, love and conception. Spiritual baths have the multi-faceted effects of relaxation of the body and stimulation of the inner-self.


If you’re trying to conceive a baby, you may find yourself wondering if pregnancy spells can be helpful. While spells obviously can’t take the place of Clomid, IUI, and other fertility treatments, there’s no probably harm in trying one.

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best Spell Caster

While most spells are fairly self-explanatory, it may be helpful to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Spells for pregnancy and fertility work best when you have a stable, loving relationship.

  • A pregnancy spell should never be performed without your partner’s consent. Conceiving a child is a miraculous experience that requires the full blessing of both parties.

  • You should never use a pregnancy spell to try to “curse” another woman into becoming pregnant against her will. This is against every rule in the Wiccan religion.

  • If you’ve selected a spell that requires materials such as candles, make sure you follow the directions exactly. For example, color is often used as a symbolic element in spell casting. Using a red candle when a spell calls for a white candle may alter the outcome.

  • Be patient. Experienced spell casters often state a spell can take between one day and one year to become successful. Don’t give up hope if you fail to see immediate results!

  • Have faith. For a spell to work, you must believe in the power of your magic. If you’re not convinced a spell to promote fertility and pregnancy is going to be useful, your attitude will have a negative impact on the process.

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